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We are so excited to announce our

Croatia May 2024 Fitness Holiday!

The perfect mix of a variety of relaxing & challenging fitness programmes including walks/hikes, great food, adventures& relaxation right on the sea front & the beautiful pine!! The village centres are so picturesque & romantic. 

14-21st May 2024 Fitness Holiday (we encourage you to join for 7 nights to get the full experience , but 5 & 3 nights also available).

Limited spaces & a £150 deposit guarantees your space! This is a very popular one! 


ADVENTURES: These are at an extra cost & optional! Usually no more than £200 extra. 
This time we have the incredible option of a customised food & wine tour. 
We also have the option of island hopping , buggy riding, water sports & more. 

SPA Services: Extra cost & some group discount or benefits will be available 

SHARED: means 2 people sharing

7 nights (highly recommended):
SHARED : £766 per person (pp)
SOLO: £1004pp

5 nights:
SHARED: £610pp
SOLO: £780pp

3 nights:
SHARED: £454pp
SOLO: £556pp 

Pula (about 2hrs from destination & cheaper) 
Zagreb (frequent flights & around 2-2.5hrs from destination) 
Rijeka (closest but no flights published yet)

Coach from around €50 return 
Taxi & Cars vary 
If we get enough of us arriving at same times we can do group mini vans or coaches 

Non refundable deposit of £150 due to secure your space. 

Thereafter you can transfer any monthly amount if needed to breakdown your payments so long as: 

30% of total cost must be paid by 27th March (and will be non refundable thereafter) 

100% of total cost must be paid off by 5th May 

So far we have had the most unforgettable moments to last us a lifetime! It is a short yet extremely restorative & transformative time away & together.

Contact Despina (Des) on 07999488981 for questions & to register 

We are so excited to meet you
Despina , Alain & teams

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