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We are here for you!

Join us now in halls, on live-stream & on-demand.



We believe in YOU & that exercise should be fun & diverse, appeal to all abilities, include all shapes & sizes, & have community & generosity at its centre! 

So yeaaaa we are not just fitness! Aside from our fun & effective programmes, we also socialise, fundraise & host fitness holidays around the world.


So what's in our name? 

The fit is pretty obvious. So let us talk of the essence of the wild spirit:

It represents every being. It is a free, adventurous, courageous, fierce spirit:

Unafraid & unashamed to be itself.

It is generous, bold, brave & strong. It is authentic, true, connected & joyful.

It is vibrant, ever healing & transforming, resourceful & relentless.

It embraces hope & peace.

It stares challenge right in the eye & declares victory.

Some of us are there...some of us are bursting to break forth...Wherever you are on the journey...remember: Come as you are.

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Join Us!
Despina (Des) 07999488981

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